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Universal Development of Integrated employability Skills through Higher education Agencies

Youth, that exciting decade between the ages of 16 and 26, is filled with dreams for a better life through education, job opportunities and relationships. It is the transition from being seen as young by community elders to being acknowledged as an adult. It is  a time filled with personal and professional challenges requiring skills that are sharpened each day through a desire to succeed.




Why do we need UDISHA?


To increase the employability rate of the graduates in Gujarat, Udisha is to bridge the gap between job seekers and the job providers. On one hand, there is a dearth of good employees in various job sectors- hospitality, banking, teaching etc. And on the other the need of the employers are increasing in various sectors of industry. Udisha is expected to bridge this gap and increase the  rate of employability in the near future.




What is UDISHA all about?

UDISHA is a placement initiative taken up by the Commissioner, Higher Education, Department of Education and Government of Gujarat. Its aim is to bridge the gap between the employers and employees. UDISHA also undertakes the role of a lighthouse for the students of Gujarat  as it gives their professional life a 'direction'.





To be the pre-eminent cell having a focus on bridging a gap between Job- seekers and Job-providers.





To increase employability of graduate and postgraduate students in Gujarat by analyzing their ability and aptitude.
To impart training for developing soft skills and building their capacity to match with the needs of potential job providers.
To provide each graduate and postgraduate a job based o his/her aptitude, qualification and interest.
To nurture and counsel highly motivated students at UDISHA Club in every college for career options.
To create a data pool of the graduates and postgraduates.
To act as a Resource Center for information and counseling to fulfill Human resource requirements in the job market.
Develop students' profile for the placement
Identify their interest and capabilities through Aptitude Tests.
Train them in Soft Skill, Functional English and ICT in accordance with the demands of the market.
Development linkages with Job providers.
Facilitate an interface of the students with job providers by organizing job fairs at State, District and College level
Bring uniformity in job placement efforts and procedures in all colleges across the state.
Take feedback from employers and Students who get employed.
Make necessary arrangements for placement by organizing job fairs.




How does UDISHA reach to all students?


UDISHA reaches all students through UDISHA CLUBS that are in the process of being set up at all colleges in the State of Gujarat. The Club  with a core team of two professors- in-charge and six UDISHA student ambassadors is expected to create a bridge between and Nodal Cell and the Students.


Various activities are designed to be organized throughout the academic year, keeping students informed and updated regarding their career. The activities of UDISHA CLUB are as under-

Providing information about career options and job avenues
Career counseling and placement
Training for developing Soft Skills
Motivational activities
Organizing mock-interview to equip students with interview etiquettes at college level
Arranging local campus-interviews.






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